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Join Pastor Brian, Adam, and Dave as they explore food, faith, and pretty much every topic that pops up. Also, check out our TacoBoutGod Gear to support this podcast!


Hey Friends, 

Thanks for sticking with us as it's been a bit hard to record during a pandemic. We gave it a try. You might notice that it starts to echo a bit around the 20-minute mark....we aren't sure why it's doing this. However, it was so much fun to be back recording that we are going to keep trying until we learn to record a real podcast. 


Don't forget to email us at for more info!

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That's right, Dave and Brian were able to sit down and record again, this time socially distanced on Dave's Patio with his kids. Not sure why, but eventually we had some echos. Sorry bout that. Anyways, email us at and let's get these recordings happening again!

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Sarah Swindall is a member of OSLC and a current Seminarian student. During this Quarantine, her internship has quickly changed and now there's unrest blocks away from her internship site due to the murder of George Floyd. This conversation is just a start, but we hope that our listeners join us in condemning the white supremacy that has led to the deaths of so many unarmed black, indigenous, and persons of color in this country.  

We grieve with, pray for, and stand in solidarity with the families and friends of all whose loved ones have been and continue to be victims of injustice, oppression, racist violence, and hatred in our local community and in our world. 

If you want to have any further conversations about what we could be doing as a community, Please email Pastor Brian at 

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April 15, 2020

3.12 Taco Bout Islam

Dave, Ryan, and Brian continued their social distancing and using this time apart by bringing people together. Today we were able to interview Suhel, who is apart of the Muslim community in Naperville. We spent our Time talking about faith foods, Islam 101, hearing about Suhel's approach to faith and his life experiences...and it will be no surprise to our listeners, but we are all now friends! 

Thanks for checking us out and don't forget to send your questions to


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It's that special time of year again, Spy Wednesday, which happens during Holy Week. This is the day that Judas arranges to turn in Jesus. Brian chooses to prank people on this day every year and this year is no different! We hope you enjoy!

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While we are still social distancing ourselves, we have allowed modern technology to continue to bring us together. We were honored to have Alyssa and Levi come onto the Podcast. If you are trying to google more about their faith tradition, start with "Centrist/Modern Orthodox Judaism" as they gave us a wonderful snapshot of their faith tradition. 

It's probably typical for a lot of our listeners to have stereotypes that we've probably had about Orthodox Jews because of TV and Movies....Alyssa and Levi's explanations were really genuine and impactful, and hopefully, remove some of the stereotypes. It was also so kind of them to spend time explaining their faith just days before Passover. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did! 

If you have questions or have a topic for us talk about, feel free to email us at 

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Adam, Ryan, and Brian got together to record a good Ol'podcast from our homes! For this episode, you can also watch us on youtube! Watch it Here! 

We missed Dave but totally understand that not everyone can just be on podcasts all day long. In the meantime, enjoy our ramblings about life and know that we wish you well! We will be back for another show very soon!

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While we missed Adam, we are so honored that Dave brought his childhood friend Jim onto our podcast. Brian openly admits that this podcast was one of the funniest moments of his life! We fully recognize that no one else might enjoy this podcast as much as we did, but we are grateful for Jim for sharing his story. 

Please email us about any questions or ideas at 

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February 6, 2020

3.07 Taco Bout 2-Pek

11 months ago, Allison Tupek won the top prize for the OSLC Youth Auction, she won a mug and a chance to come on our podcast. In the TacoBoutGod fashion, we made her wait months to even hear from us, but we finally fulfilled her dream of being on the greatest podcast ever in the history of podcasts that talk about Faith and food. 

Email us for future podcast ideas! @ 

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January 14, 2020

3.06 Taco Bout Mormons


Ryan Dengel has once again introduced our podcast to some amazing people. We had the honor of getting to meet, know, and love Steve and Pam Caine from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Also known as Mormons. 

First of all, these two came prepared to talk about faith foods and shared a feast with us. It also shared an insight into how they walk with people. After our podcast, Pam gave each of us a fresh loaf of bread, jam, and a book of Mormon. (So Nice!)

Their conversations also shared a lot about their community and hopefully disproves some misconceptions about Mormons. Our goal is to get to know our neighbor and after the recording we continued to chat for another 45-60 minutes about how our two communities could serve together.

If you have more questions or have a recommendation for a future interview, please email us at Thanks for listening! 


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